15 Super Seconds Stickers
15 Super Seconds Stickers
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15 Super Seconds Stickers

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If you love to get your hands on a bargain this pot-luck set of 15 sticker seconds may for you!

What is a sticker second?

A second is a sticker that doesn't come out absolutely perfectly. Usually it is because the cut mark around it is not completely central. However usually this is barely noticeable and the stikcer will still function perfectly.

What will be in this pack?

In this set you will get a mixture of 15 stickers made up from my different packs of stickers. There may be one or two doubles of the same sticker but there will be a good variety of different ones, mainly made up from the Bible verse packs. Each seconds pack is different.

What can I do with these stickers?

These stickers are perfect for customising notebooks, sticking in journals or scrapbooks, or adding a special touch to a gift or envelope. They are printed on glossy sticker paper and each measure approximately 6-7cm across. They are not waterproof so not suitable for waterbottles or anything that may get wet.