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They say that the best gifts come in small packages, and you can’t get much smaller than an envelope! But there are so many thoughtful and meaningful gifts you can fit inside a card.

1o gifts that fit inside an envelope 


If you are looking for a letterbox gift this is great news – no need for your recipient to wait in for a parcel or travel to fetch it from the post office, and it’s not going to cost you the earth to post it either – win win!

So here are 10 small gift ideas that will fit inside an envelope and will provide a tiny package of joy for your recipient.


1. A gift card or voucher

A gift card is probably the most obvious present that fits inside an envelope. But none the less, this is always a winner and can be much more personal than just including cash. Think carefully about what the recipient likes and find something they are really going to enjoy spending the money on. Here are some ideas:

A coffee shop gift card

Book tokens

Theatre tickets

A spa voucher

A gift card for an independent business they (or you!) like

A magazine subscription gift card


2. Stickers

    Who doesn’t love a sticker sheet!? Fun or encouraging stickers are perfect for popping into an envelope for the recipient to use on envelopes and gift wrap.


      3. A recipe card

        A recipe card is a lovely gift to include in an envelope as you are giving something thoughtful and personal. Recipe cards are often given to new couples at their wedding, but they would also be a great gift for a student going off to university, or as a little add on to a birthday present.


            4. A tea bag, or a sachet of hot chocolate

              A great gift to include in a note of encouragement if someone is needing a little pick-me-up. There are all sorts of speciality teas and hot chocolates to try so search around for something you know they will enjoy.


              5. An unframed print

                If you're looking to give something special, why not think about sending a print - it can then be framed in the frame of their choice once it arrives. Prints are flat and can therefore easily fit into an envelope.


                  6. A photo or a photo gift

                    These days we take hundreds of photos on our phones, so we’re not short of them, but how often do we print them out? Printed photos can be a real novelty, and make lovely gifts for friends or family members. You needn’t stick to the normal photo print size either. Why not buy a larger print which can be framed, or perhaps create a photo collage. You could even create a photo gift online and something as small as a photo keyring could easily fit inside an envelope.


                      7. A bunch of dried flowers

                        A bunch of flowers is always well received, but if you’re looking for something with less of a price tag a selection of pressed flowers will do and is still just as beautiful (and will last a lot longer!)


                          8. A product sample or pampering face mask

                            If you’re looking for a pampering letterbox gift, a face pack would be a nice treat for a friend and a lovely surprise to fall out of your card. You could also send a sample of shampoo or moisturiser if the packets are small enough.


                              9. A pack of postcards

                                A pack of a few postcards would fit nicely into an envelope and is a very practical gift. Why not include a set of stamps too so the recipient is all set to send out their own cards to their friends and family.


                                  10. A packet of seeds

                                    Seeds are a very underrated gift, and it’s very easy to choose something for any size of garden or gardening experience. For kids, you could send something fast growing such as cress seeds, these provide value very quickly! For a family you could send a pack of sunflowers and could challenge them to grow one each and have a competition to see whose can grow the tallest. For someone who loves cooking you could send a selection of herb seeds for them to start their own herb garden. Or for a more established gardener, seeds for an unusual vegetable could be a fun gift!


                                    I’d love to know if you have any other ideas for cute gifts that fit inside an envelope. Leave a comment below with your best ideas!




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                                    • Neetu on

                                      I may have missed it but DIY bookmarks make a great gift – especially with pressed flowers laminated in :). Love the seeds idea a lot! Thanks for putting this list together. All the best!

                                    • Sandy on

                                      return address labels and little gift card envelopes (I make both) are fun little tuck-ins when sending happy mail

                                    • Linda Canale on

                                      For years I have been exchanging recipes, teabags, news articles and photos with a friend. Its always a delight to receive the mail. I appreciate the new ideas. I like the idea of sending commemorative postage stamps too.

                                    • Hilary on

                                      I really like to send bookmarks. Sometimes pretty paper ones, but most often, I send magnetic ones. They clip so well to greeting cards. You can get ones with Bible Verses or uplifting quotes. Also, I like to include a “Color it Yourself” Inspirational quote or Bible Verse Card. They are one sided and done on very thick cardstock. There are so many to choose from these days. It’s like sending a little piece of artwork. I’ll usually color a couple of little things in the picture to make it pop and leave the rest for the recipient to do. They are great to display afterwards.

                                    • Renee Gorby on

                                      a small devotional book (like Our Daily Bread), a hankie/handkerchief, a face mask, Tide stain remover (comes in packs of 2), mosquito repellent wipe, after workout wipe (Dove makes a nice one)

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