Tears and Tossings by Sarah Walton

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I was delighted to be able to read a review copy of Sarah's new book, having been encouraged by her previous book 'Hope when it hurts' which she co-authored with Kristen Wetherell.

'Tears and Tossings' is a powerful personal testimony of what it means to find hope and purpose in the midst of suffering.

If you have ever asked questions such as ‘What’s the purpose of my suffering? Do my tears just fall to the ground as useless? Why is God allowing this pain if he really loves me?’, Sarah’s book will lead you to truths that will help you to process your suffering, grieve where you need to and find hope in the pain.

This book encourages the reader to look to the God who sees our suffering and keeps track of our tears. Sarah doesn’t gloss over the reality of day-to-day suffering, the pain of grief or the difficulties of living with chronic illness, but points us to the truth that we have a loving Father who can even use suffering for his good purposes – our suffering and pain are never wasted.

My favourite story she shared from the book was how God spoke to her through the story of the fleas in Corrie Ten Boom's 'The Hiding Place' and how it led her to realise that even the smallest details of our lives are in God's hands!

This book will be an encouragement to people who have been a Christian for a long time and is also appropriate for people who may be just starting out on their faith journey. Sarah clearly explains the reality of what it means for us to be living in a broken world, why Jesus came to die for us and the hope that Jesus gives us in our suffering.

The stories Sarah shares show that she has experienced suffering on a personal level in her life and she is more than qualified to help and encourage others on this topic. The short chapters are easy to read and full of insight, wisdom, and Biblical references.

I would highly recommend this book if you are walking through a period of suffering in your own life or if you are supporting someone who is suffering. You can pick up a copy from '10 of Those' or Amazon.

You can also follow Sarah on instagram @sarahpwalton


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