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Advent is a time of expectant waiting as we think ahead to celebrating Jesus coming into the world. It is also period of wonderful traditions and there are so many ways to celebrate this exciting time with children. Here are two free printables you may want to use with your kids this Advent.


Advent Prayer Cube


This printable Advent Prayer Cube is a great way to prioritise prayer with little ones this Advent. Each side of the cube contains a prayer, or a suggestion of what to pray for. Just roll the cube and see what’s on the top face!

To make the cube you will need to print it onto white paper or cardstock. Then colour it in. Cut along the outer edge and fold along the remaining black lines (if you are able to score the lines first, this works even better!) Glue the tabs and assemble into a cube shape. Depending on the strength of the glue you use and the thickness of the card it may be better to use double sided sticky tape on the taps, or to reinforce the cube with Sellotape once it’s assembled.


Advent Postcard


This printable Advent postcard features the Bible verse from John 1:9 ‘The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.’ Here are four suggestions for using this postcard: (and I’m sure you can think of lots more too!)

  1. As a family, commit to memorising this verse together over the Advent season
  2. Write an Advent prayer on the back of the postcard and pray it together at mealtimes
  3. Send one to a godchild or friend with an encouraging message on the back
  4. Print them out as an Advent gift for your Sunday School class, or for the children in your church


I always love to see pictures of your finished creations. You can tag me @the_lettering_tree on Instagram or send a picture to If you have any problems using the files, or you have a question about how they can be used, just pop me an email using the address above.

I hope you enjoy using these free resources this Advent. Please remember they are for your own personal use. They may not be resold and the digital files may not be shared. Thank you!

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