20 Creative ways to encourage a friend

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If you are looking for ways to support a friend going through a difficult time, there are lots of easy ways to provide them with a little bit of encouragement to lift their spirits.

20 creative ways to encourage a friend

Here are 20 creative ideas that will let them know you are thinking about them:


  1. Make them a meal and drop it round

This is a very practical gift and can be such a help, especially for someone who works long hours or has kids.


  1. Plan a trip or holiday together

Having something to look forward to and work towards is a great way to lift someone’s spirits.


  1. Send them a card

Find something personal with a message they will find helpful.


  1. Make them a homemade gift

A homemade gift speaks volumes and shows you have taken the time to plan and make them something personal.


  1. Help them with a job that needs to be done

Whether this is helping them do their washing, or putting up a shelf – attempting a boring job with a friend is a lot less daunting than on your own.


  1. Bake them a cake, or send them a box of brownies

If you love to bake, a cake is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to give an uplifting gift to a friend. If you live too far away, there are plenty of small businesses that will bake and deliver letterbox goodies!


  1. Create a playlist of music they will enjoy listening to

Whatever their particular taste, music has the ability to lift the spirits, so create and share a playlist they will enjoy listening to.


  1. Babysit their kids so they can have a night out with their spouse

If they have kids, offering to look after the kids for a couple of hours during the day or for an evening will allow them to have some space or a change of scene.


  1. Send them a gift in an envelope

If you are living far away, there are many gifts you could pop into an envelope to let them know you are thinking about them.


Gifts that fit in an envelope 


  1. Create a photo album of fun times you have had together

Looking back over fun times is always enjoyable. You could also annotate the photos and include funny memories or jokes you have shared.


  1. Buy them some supplies for their hobby

Whatever they are into, whether it’s sewing, woodwork, or gardening, for many people a hobby can be helpful in a difficult time. Providing some supplies for their hobby could be an uplifting gift.


  1. Plan a fun evening in with friends

Planning an evening with friends doing something you all enjoy would provide something to look forward to and a nice time to share together. If you are too far away, you could plan an evening together on skype or zoom.


  1. Send them a gift card or voucher

The possibilities are endless with gift cards and vouchers, but choose something you know they may enjoy, perhaps cinema tickets, a spa voucher, or a gift card for a shop they love.


  1. Make them a list of encouraging quotes or Bible verses

Compile a list of encouraging quotes or Bible verses, and send them one each day. Perhaps you could even write them out on a postcard and send them over a period of a few weeks.


  1. Send them some flowers

Flowers are a thoughtful gift that the recipient will be able to enjoy over a week or so. If they have a garden you could buy them something in a pot they could plant out and enjoy for longer.


  1. Start a new hobby together

Finding and starting a new hobby together can give you both something to plan together and work towards.


  1. Create a series of ‘open when’ letters

Create a series of letters for them to open at various times such as ‘open when you feel lonely’ or ‘open when you’re missing home’.


  1. Buy them a print of an inspirational quote they like

A quote print can be personal to their particular situation and means they can display it in their home and continue to remember it.


  1. Write them a letter about why you value them as a friend

Friendships are so precious and it’s always encouraging and uplifting to read why someone values your friendship.


  1. Send them a care package

A care package can be completely personalised to what the recipient enjoys and needs. It could be packed full of sweet treats, or bath products or stationery items they will enjoy using.


I hope this has given you some ideas of ways to uplift and support a friend who is in need of some encouragement.

Have you got any other ideas? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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